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Germany is the largest exporter of plastic waste in the EU, reports the portal of the weekly "Spiegel".

Last year, Germany sent abroad as many as 745.1 thousand. tonnes of plastic waste, according to the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden.

The amount of exported waste of this type has decreased by 51% in the last decade. - mainly due to import restrictions in some Asian countries.

However, Germany remains the largest exporter of plastic waste in the EU, with most of it going to the Netherlands, followed by Turkey and Poland, the largest buyer countries.

The Netherlands exports waste through its port in Rotterdam. In the list of EU countries, the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of waste, followed by Belgium, which has a significant container port in Antwerp.

According to research, plastic waste, including from Western industrialized countries, often ends up in the world's oceans and heavily pollutes the environment, emphasized "Spiegel".

The Federal Statistical Office presented the above data on the occasion of World Oceans Day on June 8.

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