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Up until now, there has been numerous changes to the design industry, websites such as Fiverr made the design industry, and a lot of industries for that matter, more competitive, and artificial intelligence is going to be yet another innovation to challenge and alter the landscape of graphic design in a variety of ways. Designers will be able to produce designs that are even more impressive and make more of an impact due to AIs increasing complexity. In the future, designers will train their AI tools to solve design problems, creating patterns according to their preferences.

You may be able to learn to use these tools in the course of your graphic design education. With constant advances in artificial intelligence technologies, graphic designers will have the ability to build the structure of designs which are hard to build for an individual person. Automated design tools are able to produce complete designs by themselves, without involving the human designer at any stage in the process.

The Dubai-based inspiration behind this piece came from experiencing these questions about graphic design automation on a personal level; trying to automate and optimise their processes, while trying to find a suitable tool that would not hamper their creative work. Adobe is aware of the threats ML and AI poses to the jobs of graphic designers, so their journey to building AI tools is about building ones that allow humans to do their jobs better.

While AI is highly capable in cutting down on graphic designers footwork, AI cannot substitute the job that requires human intuition and emotion. One of the main benefits of using AI for graphic design is that it can decrease their workloads by performing repetitive tasks, saving their time for more complex visuals. It will be used to produce designs more quickly, without sacrificing quality or creativity (if done right).

Designers working with AI will be able to produce designs more quickly and cheaply because of the increased speed and efficiency that it offers. The appealing parts of AIs ability to automate tasks makes AI tools worthwhile for the design industry. AI helps designers use the data generated to best utilize their creative minds.

The power of AI will be the speed at which it is capable of analysing massive amounts of data and suggesting adjustments to designs. For most graphic designers not working on simplified, limited-scope projects, there is no need to worry about AI automated graphics design, or any other creative field; it will just augment it in the near future. There is growing evidence that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play an important role in the future of graphic design.

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