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30 years ago, these LEGO sets were every child's dream. If you had them as a child, it was probably a fun childhood. And if you were the owner of at least one of these LEGO sets, you can only envy many hours of great fun!

We're going back to the past! This time it is not the beginning of modern times, but rather the Middle Ages. And this is the first time in the history of LEGO (well, not counting the sprite figurine from 1990) with a clear portion of fantasy in the form of green dragons and blue wizards. Of course, it's about the Dragon Knights, who are sometimes also called Dragon Masters.

Exactly 30 years ago, the Skull's Eye Schooner set debuted in the old LEGO catalog from 1993, which according to many is the best set not only pirate, but in the entire history of the LEGO System!

In 1993, there were significant changes in LEGO Space! Then the M-Tron faction (1990-1992) disappeared, and in its place appeared another beloved series, also dealing with space scientists. This time, living in an extremely hostile environment - Ice Planet.

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